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A GLBT Resort in SecondLife

3Bears Resort is a resort on SecondLife for the GLBT community featuring many activities with shopping and an art district for exploration.

Located on the Terra Ursa sim complex, some of the sims are designated as an ADULT sim, so age verification is necessary.

Browse the site here, see everything we have to offer, then come join us in SecondLife!

3Bears Resort

We look forward to seeing you there!

3Bears Resort owners,
Galileo Michalski, Duir Mayne and Stefan Box
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Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching.
Satchel Page
3Bears Resort features multiple entertainment venues to help meet your taste levels and provide you the outlet you are seeking. From the amazing WOOF Lounge with the custom designed bear claw mesh dome, to Daddybear's Bar in the refurbished horse stable for that neighborhood feel, there's a little of something for everyone.

Historical fact: 3Bears Resort started with a simple nightclub 250 meters above the original Aussie Boys complex in 2009. The Box Club on Mayne Street was a one-of-a-kind venue with a futuristic feel. Over time, this club moved with us to the Kessler sim, with a full 1/3 sim of space in late 2009.

In November of 2009, WOOF Lounge opened on the Kessler sim. When we moved to the Terra Ursa full sim, WOOF Lounge moved with us, and The Box Club was retired.

Since then, we have added Daddybear's, the converted horse stable, and the BackSpin Cafe. Also, the addition of Bear Force with owners Jak Calcutt and Karl Kalchek added a new spin to the complex of sims.
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WOOF Lounge features the longest running GLBT event in SL with its original DJ, host and dancer still working hard. Monday night MAWL with DJ Karl, host Jak and the WOOF Dancers has been running non-stop since the creation of WOOF Lounge.

Stop by on Monday evenings between 5pm and 7pm Pacific time (SLT) to see the sites and sounds of the hottest party on the grid!
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3Bears Endowment for the Arts and Interactivity in the Virtual World
Joseph Nussbaum, Curator

Our Goals:

To encourage the creation of high-quality art and design, specifically those which interact in some way with the avatars within Second Life.

In the area of arts, the use of sculptures or paintings or photographs which use the environment and the picture itself interactively to respond to the audience is encouraged, through movement or video or sound.

Designers, architects, engineers and others also are involved in the creation of items within the virtual world, which is not always visible to the beholder, which helps bring construction together. The 3Bears Endowment will look for building design, Sim design, or other creations which present the use of interactivity and functionality for ease of use and create exciting and new landscapes for the visitors.
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For both of these areas, artistic endeavor is not the only quality to be judged, but also functionality and lag. These two items are a high priority, especially considering how fast lag can build up in an area. Other items to be judged as part of the competition will be low use of resources (prims, textures), while keeping the highest quality.

The 3Bears Endowment wishes to recognize artists in Second Life who create high-quality art which reflects the best art and use of materials. We also desire to find engineers who are interested in creating efficient designs and devices that facilitate the use of the space in the virtual world through interactivity and creation.

Our final goal is to bring the arts closer to everybody by encouraging the creation of music, photography and sculpture for the enjoyment of all, to deepen the understanding of what art is and can be, and to foster tolerance towards all.

Check out more information here:
3Bears Foundation
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